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Mijo Makes Music

June 12, 2014

Not long after we arrived in Montreal, we became friends with local comic Kate Connor who I mentioned in my previous montreal-centric blog post! Kate has 4 kids and her oldest daughter Mijo wanted to learn a bit more about singing and guitar so I offered to jam with her once a week.

So, Mijo and I have been hanging out since last September, and after I taught her enough guitar for her to jam on her own, I encouraged her to write a song!

Here are some photos of the overall process- everything from buying her first guitar until recording her first song earlier this afternoon!

You can listen to the song here:


Picking out Mijo's first guitar at Steve's Music in Montreal.

Picking out Mijo’s first guitar at Steve’s Music in Montreal.

Picking out Mijo's first guitar at Steve's Music in Montreal.

Picking out Mijo’s first guitar at Steve’s Music in Montreal.

We made these collages by cutting up old newspapers to give us some inspiration for lyrics.

We made these collages by cutting up old newspapers to give us some inspiration for lyrics.



Quick run through of the song.

Quick run through of the song.



and again!

and again!

I was there too!

I was there too!

Quick outfit change and then more singing.

Quick outfit change and then more singing.


PS! If you’re feeling super supportive then you can follow Mijo on Soundcloud, she’s only 11 and I’m really really proud of all the hard work she put in to create this song and teach herself some guitar!

Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie

June 8, 2014

My final gig in Montreal was playing in this lovely gazebo in Little Italy as part of the city wide extravaganza for the Grand Prix! A huge shout out to goes to my friend Cath.A.Strophic for hooking me up with a slot. Here are some photos!

Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie Weekend de Course de la Petite Italie

Ma première année à Montréal…

May 7, 2014

I feel that if this post were only a few weeks late then I could apologise for not having written in a while. But as it’s over a year since my last post it’s probably going to be easier to catch everyone up than to apologise about it!

Over the last year I’ve been up to a myriad of exciting musical endeavours and I’m hoping that come 2015 I’ll have an album for you all.

Around June/July I was really lucky to meet Barry Walsh and Tasso Argyrakos while I was working next door to their tattoo studio, Ink City North. At the time they were organising lots of in-store events and after hearing me practice they asked if I wanted to play a few tunes at their next soirée. I jumped at the opportunity as  I was growing weary of open mic night shenanigans, and so my first proper gig in Montreal was a show at Ink City North supporting reggae legend Vernon Maytone

995188_245401232280926_981327251_nA huge and heartfelt thanks has to also go out to Facteur Malice for the stunning photos she took of me at the show, it’s been nice to have some photographic evidence of me playing solo! ;)

Around the time I met the boys at Ink City North, I also began saving my tips from work and taking some guitar lessons with Mr Tim Dobby. This really helped improve my confidence and it was lovely to have someone other than a YouTube tutorial to direct all my musical questions at! I’m really hoping that you’ll all be able to hear my playing in my upcoming recordings and we’ll agree that my time with Tim was money well spent! ;) You can also listen to Tim’s delightfully pretentious band, Lakes of Canada, by hitting their name.

Between October and Christmas, most of my time was eaten up with my guitar lessons and with work. I dabbled in comedy for a brief time but I managed to get caught in some drama that made the whole thing infinitely less appealing and I refocused on making music my full time gig. However, during my brief flirt with comedy we were lucky enough to make a few good friends, one of them being the talented Kate Connor. After going to support Kate when she performed at The Wiggle Room for their weekly variety show Voix de Ville, I asked producer/co-host/all round comedic individual Paul Ash for a slot on the next show.

1524923_798212373529693_930283759_nVoix de Ville is a variety show with a “monarch of the mountain”  element thrown in for fun! At each show, all the acts are competing for crowd votes in order to win the grand prize of $100 and the honour to return the following week to defend their title. Guys, I won 4 weeks in a row! I really can’t express what a confidence boost that whole Wiggle Room experience was but I had a blast and I met some super awesome people, including everybody’s favourite republican Kitty Vanderbuilt & artist Salgood Sam who drew this awesome sketch of me performing! 1509207_279365172217865_1196964745_n

Still on a high from my run at The Wiggle Room I decided to pursue paid gigs more seriously in and around the city and to peace out open mics for a little while! The first of these was a slot at Bar de Courcelle, allbeit it was the middle of the Canadian winter and it wasn’t the busiest show I’ve ever played, it was a nice foot in the door and a nice reminder that I’ve still got it! ;) Since then I’ve had a couple of slots at Mad Hatters and I have more coming up later this month. (I’ll include a full list of upcoming shows in the side bar).

ALSO! I’m 996700_273240956163620_880675940_nashamed of myself for forgetting, Kayla and I got engaged on Christmas Eve, I suprised her with a beautiful ring made by Meshu which is essentially a map of where we met and all the places we went on our first date. I think she was suitably surprised and as it turned out she was also working on a surprise for me! I’m the proud owner of a Taylor 214-ce and he sounds beautiful and he looks nice and he’s full size. Perfect! If you’d like to see a video of Kayla surprising me you can click here.1013879_322586747895707_3990364219904216166_n

Anyway, back to the chronological order of things! I’ve had a really exciting year, and I feel like I’ve managed to build a wee Canadian fanbase for myself. I was delighted with my recent placing in the Cult MTL Best of Montreal readers poll this month which I feel also proves that I’ve been adopted as an honorary Montrealer by everyone here! ;) I couldn’t ask for a better result than coming 3rd place to Leonard Cohen!

I think that brings us up to date! A year is a long time though, and surely I’ve forgotten to mention some stuff/people along the way! If you feel that you’ve been overlooked lemme know and I’ll apologise profusely!

Free Download!

May 7, 2013

I’ve arrived in Montreal! :) The weather is spectacular, and I’m hopefully going to manage to do some songwriting this week… Scotland was pretty hectic and didn’t really leave me much time for creativity.

Anyway! I’m in such a good mood that I’ve decided to give away a free download to celebrate!

Lewis, who we all know now, took the time out to make this awesome remix of my latest single, Tin Man. If you’d like to own this song (for free!) all you need to do is like & share my facebook page with your friends! :)

Bon Voyage Edinburgh!

April 27, 2013

This weekend has been insane- to say the least! I launched my brand new single on Friday at Hula, then I raced across town to a house concert run by Donna Maciocia (who you may remember from my EP Launch). The whole thing was being arranged as a fundraiser for The Samaritans (if you click this link you can donate to their very worthy cause), and Donna grabbed me last minute to step in and fill a slot. I must say, I’m delighted I was involved. I’ve never played a gig that was so intimate and I can’t express how much of a confidence boost it was to be so well received when it was one of the few times I’ve ever played completely solo!

To top off a brilliant weekend (with a great many appreciated CD sales!) Red Dog Music just gave my EP a top notch review! I’m beyond chuffed!

Read the review here!

Thank you everyone who contributed to make my last weekend in Edinburgh so spectacular. I leave here feeling positive and loved and above all – so very confident.

Thank you.

‘Tin Man’ Single Launch

April 11, 2013


I will be launching my new single, “Tin Man”, on Friday April 26th at Hula Juice Bar.

Click here for more info.

I Lie About My Age

March 9, 2013

My EP launch was unreal! I had such a good night! I’m going to write a proper blog about it some time this coming week and thank everyone who was involved and who attended!

In the meantime I wanted to let you all know that I’ve put my EP on bandcamp, thus it’s available for download! Hurrah!

I Lie About My Age

Please listen, download and share!

“I Lie About My Age” EP Launch

January 21, 2013

I have finally set a date to launch my debut EP “I Lie About My Age”! Huzza!

Thursday March 7th

The Wee Red Bar (Edinburgh College of Art)


Doors @ 7pm

The line up is as follows!

Róisín Tuohy (That’s me)

Plus support from:
Donna Maciocia

Hannah O’Reilly

David Ritchie

Tickets are already selling very fast and they only went on sale 3 days ago. I fully expect this to completely sell out! So please use this link and buy your tickets online in advance.


I hope you can make it and spend this evening with me. My EP has been a long time in the making and I’m so very proud of it, I can’t wait to share it with my friends and my family.

I’ve missed you a wee bit Edinburgh, I’m looking forward to this!

Facebook events page.

Bienvenue, bitches!

October 1, 2012

I’ve been in Montreal for 3 days now, it’s been supreme so far and I’m desperate to get stuck into the music scene here.

Although my EP isn’t available in Scotland, it is available in Canada- you lucky devils! Please drop me an email if you’d like to get your sticky paws on a copy!

I’ll post again soon, and hopefully regularly there after.

Recording Adventures

May 15, 2012

Here are some photos from the recording sessions for my debut EP ‘I Lie About My Age’.