So I’ve been back in Canada for about 10 days now! I can’t believe that’s all, but it is!

I don’t have a band yet (so this post won’t be particularly musical) but I do have a job! Huzzah!

I’m working in Léché Desserts in St Henri. We’re a gourmet doughnut shop, and if you hit that link it’ll take you to the website. Alternatively, you can click here (for facebook) or here (for twitter) and show some support! For any of you who knew me through my teens you’ll know that I worked in a bakers, so this feels like familiar territory- only there aren’t any dinosaur cats and my uniform is hot pink instead of saltire blue! I genuinely am really enjoying my new job though, so if you could like or follow us (even if you’re from Scotland) that would be lovely!

I haven’t spent much time on my music this past week and a half… this is mostly because all my spare time has been devoted to sleeping and trying to learn French! I’ve enrolled in French classes, and I spend about 1o hours a week in a class with these Portuguese kids trying to scramble together enough french to communicate as I don’t have english to fall back on. I’m confident I’ll get there in the end, but it’s exceptionally draining and nerve wracking.

Although, admittedly, I haven’t had as much time to devote to my music as I would like, I have written a new song and broken past my writers block! I’m sure once I’m in a routine that I’ll find the time to record it and let you all hear.

All in all I’m happy to be back in Canada, and Montreal is feeling like a much friendlier city now that the snow has melted and my work permit is in my sticky paw! I’m also happy to be back home with Kayla, I missed her an indescribable amount when I was in Scotland – as many of you know and experienced first hand – and she has a fantastic new job as Film Editor for Cult Mtl (it’s a bit like The Skinny but in Montreal). You can read her debut articles here and keep an eye out for new stuff too!


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