Thank you.


I launched my debut EP in The Wee Red Bar in Edinburgh last Thursday. I was so overwhelmed by the turn out and support that I felt I wanted to write thank you cards or something – Kayla told me this wasn’t the done thing and would probably be a bit expensive/difficult considering the amount of people who were there! So instead I’m going to try and thank everyone via a wee blog post.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Tom Wilding who helped me book the venue when I was in Canada and struggling to do so myself long distance! He was an absolute life saver and pushed the event numerous times via his promotions page SC Music. A total professional with a genuine interest in the Edinburgh music scene I’d urge everyone to go and like his page!

Next I’d like to thank my tremendous support acts, David Ritchie, Hannah O’Reilly and Donna Maciocia. David unfortunately didn’t end up playing because he was bowled over by tonsillitis but I can hand on heart promise that you all missed out as he’s one of the most talented young musicians I have the pleasure of knowing. If you click on his name it’ll take you to the facebook page for his band Scotia, who I luckily saw doing their thing a couple of weeks ago! Hannah and Donna were given apt introductions on the night of my EP launch, so all I’ll say here is that both are genuinely influences of mine, so if you like my tunes you should look them up!

I owe my band a huge debt of gratitude for giving up their time to practice with me, learn all the parts, and in some instances write their parts! Steve Fivey stepped up to the plate as my Percussionist, Scott Galbraith was on fiddle, and Lewis Rumney played guitar and sang. I’ll talk more about Lewis later as I owe him sincere thanks for about a million things, but I’d like to use this space to document what an incredible experience it was playing with this line up and how immensely proud I am of everything we achieved in such a short space of time. Videos will no doubt start popping up over the next week and you’ll all be able to see for yourselves the hard work we put in and how much it paid off on the night of the gig! I had a ball with these dudes!

My partner Kayla came all the way from Canada to sit at the front snapping photos and singing along. She’s seen this EP come together behind the scenes for over a year, and she’s put up with all my self doubt (and, in contrast, some unflattering bouts of ego!). The fact that she still sings along to tunes I’m borderline fed up of hearing reminds me that she’s not only my partner but my biggest fan. Thank you for all your support and your faith in me.

My family. My Dad bought 10 tickets to my gig which were all snapped up by members of my immediate and extended family! So many of my cousins came and brought their friends, and my Mum stood at the front for my entire set! As we’re not a particularly musical family I really appreciate that you all came and that you seemed to enjoy yourselves. Thank you!!

The Rumneys! If Lewis hadn’t have contacted me out the blue over a year ago to tell me he liked my songs then I would still be recording voice memos on my iphone and leaving everything half finished. I’ve been privileged to work with a multi-instrumentalist/producer as talented as he is, and he has become one of my best friends. I’d also like to thank his family for their hospitality and support over the past year. Elaine has fed me, and I’ve probably had my weight in cups of tea – as well as seeming to genuinely enjoy my music! Moray has offered much needed second opinions and was kind enough to film/record the gig on Thursday night. Thank you all for opening up your home and making me feel so welcome.

There were so many people in the audience I fear I might get myself into trouble if I start trying to individually thank you all- in case I accidentally omit anyone! Please know that I tried my absolute best to speak to each and every one of you, and I’m sorry no one got much of my attention. I know that so many of you came from further a field than just Edinburgh, a couple of you even came from outside Scotland! I can’t express how overwhelmed I felt on Thursday evening sharing my music with so many of my friends and family. I hope that you all enjoyed yourselves, you certainly made sure I did! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming, and singing, and being so phenomenally supportive!

Róisín x

PS. A few people missed Thursday, but we won’t dwell on that! All I’ll say is, my EP is available to buy here! ;)


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