An American in Paris!


Not really… Just a Scot in Montreal. Still French, less 50s. Anyway, moving on!

Sorry that I haven’t posted for a while. I’ve not had much to say… Ivan and I fell out so I stole his Croatia shirt and hid him under the floorboards. Other than that life has been pretty dull.

UNTIL! Last night! It was St Andrew’s Day, which is the day when Scottish people pretend they’re as much fun as the Irish and get drunk in the name of Religion.

Given that I’m in Canada, I had to improvise. So as I didn’t have any Scottish people to party with, I spent my St Andrews Day with a few Canadians and a couple of delightful Irishers.

Here are some photos (with narration where necessary)


These are our lovely new Irish friends Gráinne & Donal. We get along primarily because they enjoy drinking and fighting.




As you can see, we’re tight. I don’t even miss Ivan.



In other news, Kayla got drunk!

Ok, we both got drunk…

This band! This fucking band. Wow. Check them out. The 24th Street Wailers just wow.


Plus they were absolute legends, here’s Kayla posing with the insanely talented Lindsay.

and Mike who plays the bass guitar.

This guy wasn’t in the band but he interrupted my conversation so I took his photo to publicly shame him. TAKE THAT!!

Kayla didn’t find it funny…

These two guys were really lovely, I told them we could be friends but then I just made them save our seats every time we went for a cigarette and never really spoke to them… One of them was English though, so I kinda felt he was ruining my St Andrews Day vibe. FREEEEEEDOM! or something like that…


Just before we left Mr Jon Wong went for a walk round the pub with his sax. It was pretty kick ass!

In conclusion, it was the best St Andrews Day I’ve ever had. I can’t recommend spending St Andrews Day on another continent highly enough. Fact.


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