You love me, you really love me!


Ok so, according to my website stats, you all think I’m fucking awesome. A lot of you check in almost daily to read what I’ve been saying and listen to my music. Some of you even Google me. I feel so famous!

But somehow, I still only have 254 ‘likes’ on my facebook page. That’s shit math people!!

Thus! In an effort to engage you/buy your facebook love, I am giving away a FREE download of my track “Your Mother’s House” to everyone who likes my page for the next month!! That’s pretty generous of me- I’m a legend.

Anyone who has already liked my page and feels left out, if you share a link to my page and tag me, I’ll give you a free download too!

Mind. Blown.

Get to work:



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2 Responses to “You love me, you really love me!”

  1. Neil Says:

    that was fantastic. Neil from Los Cardos. Give us a shout when you’re back in town.

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