Big Ivan The Builder


Another post about my Neighbour. Since I started DJing for him we’ve become best friends! It’s been hard to cultivate our friendship when he’s asleep during the day, but I thought I would let you all know about my new friend and how we spend our time!

His name is Ivan, he’s from Croatia. I know this because he has a super cool Croatia T-Shirt which he likes to wear – I hope he gets me one for Christmas. He likes it when I DJ for him, especially when I branch out and play him some bassy tunes! Usually he applauds me through the wall. He does the same when I play guitar. I don’t know if he knows this but sometimes I like to practice my guitar in front of the mirror and pretend he’s in the audience – he’s always having a good time!

He must be a smoker, because when I smoke out the window I can hear him coughing. He has a bad smokers cough. I think he must also be in the construction field because whenever he comes round to talk to us he likes to discuss the building integrity of our apartment, “the walls are like cardboard!!” he always says that. I think Ivan could have done a better job if he had built these apartments, he’s probably the best builder.

Ivan also likes to share. He’s a good sharer- he’s probably the best builder and the best sharer I know. For example, he has this bin that he keeps in the corridor for everyone on our floor to use. I know most people would think “When is that lazy bastard going to move that old broken Ikea waste basket?!” But I know that it’s just Ivan, sharing as usual so I put all my rubbish in it for him. Cause I know it makes him feel wanted.

My favourite thing to do for Ivan is play chap door run with him. Oh what fun we have! I knock his door then run back into my own apartment. I know Ivan has fun cause I can hear him shouting about what fun he’s having in Croatian.

I love my new friend. I think I’ll keep him.


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